Long time, no see.

Hello internet friends! My Youtube followers probably have noticed that my videos have been a bit random and not as regular. Don’t fret, just blame this sickness that has taken over me. Along pregnancy symptoms I have had some kind of cold or allergy thing that doesn’t want to let me have a break. I can barely talk without getting into some serious coughing fits. I haven’t even done as much socially in my non-internet life because of it. I’m sure it will eventually pass, but for now all the energy I do have I focus on where it’s needed first. My family. My husband (who has to hear me cough all night) and my toddler who could care less if I coughed up my lungs. I don’t say all this to have a pity party, but just too update! I can’t wait to get back on my videos and regular blogging. Even though I have been gone, I still have other social media outlets (of course). Remember, I am on Twitter and Instagram updating as usual. While your waiting for my demon cough to subside, I did do a gender reveal video (linked below). I say it all the time, but THANK YOU to all my subscribers! You guys have created such a loving community for me and everyone involved. Love you all so very much!

Here is the most recent picture of my and the hubster on my Instagram.


  Can’t forget a belly shot! Hello 20 weeks, and only 20 more weeks left. WHAT?!?


Gender Reveal At Target

gender reveal edit